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All about the Protel hotel management system

Why Protel PMS

PMS functions

Protel PMS in the cloud or on the server

Additional applications

Mc sistemi hoteli PMS

Easier and better hotel management

Hotel Management System (PMS) Protel is a set of software solutions that provide the most important: increasing the efficiency of hotel operations and the best possible experience for guests.

All in one place

Manage everything from reservations, check-ins and check-outs to loyalty and payment systems from one system.

Easier work for employees

Protel PMS is easy to use, so it facilitates and speeds up the work of employees and reduces the possibility of errors.

Easy to use

New users are introduced to the system in 1 day, work in the chosen language and have 24/7 access to educational content.


Integrate out-of-the-box technologies. Choose from applications tailored to your hotel and easily connect them.


Features and benefits of Protel hotel management software

Based on 25 years of experience and development, Protel PMS (hotel management software) offers you everything for the efficient management of all hotel services - from reception to support services.

Housekeeping and maintenance support

It offers tools to help maids, maintenance workers and other hotel workers, helping to optimize the efficiency of their work.

Customer Relationship Management and Communication (CRM)

Track guest VIP statuses, manage marketing campaigns and get recommendations for better guest treatment.

Unique advanced features

It enables functions such as speech recognition, speech-to-text, scanning of guest documents, automatic correspondence with guests, digital guest registration card, etc.

Possibility of integrations

Protel PMS Air (PMS in the cloud) enables transparent and easy connectivity with all IT systems on the market.

Advanced analytics

Collect and analyze data on guest habits and preferences, ADR (average daily rate), REVPAR (Revenue per available room), PICK-UP analytics. Business intelligence helps you analyze past and future business results and make decisions.

Payment gateway

It enables the management of payments directly from the program through integration with internet payment platforms. Guest credit card information is secured by the PCI-DSS standard.

Import bookings from all related sources

Import bookings from sources such as website, OTA, GDS, e-mail, telephone... They are displayed in a central calendar overview of bookings.

Advanced management of price lists

The price list for overnight stays is adjusted to hotel occupancy, competitive prices, current events, season, length of stay and arrival day. Integration to RMS systems available.

Easy room management

It enables optimization in arranging rooms and beds. You can use Overbooking for any type of room and share virtual data in the game.

Easier billing for services

Bill services directly from the program, without the physical presence of a credit card.

Mc sistemi hoteli PMS

PROTEL AIR - cloud PMS for 100% security, accessibility and cost efficiency

Advanced PMS systems make it possible to perform all operations within the PMS via the cloud and no longer only via the server. This means that the program is available to you from anywhere - all you need is access to the Internet.

Cloud technology

Outstanding features of cloud software solutions

Cloud software solutions are secure, reliable and fast. Everything you need for modern hotel management.


PROTEL cloud runs on AWS - Amazon Web Services, the most reliable cloud platform in the world.


Accessibility from anywhere and on any device with a web browser.

Automatic upgrades

You are always using the latest version of the software, no manual updates are required.

Prihranite stroške

Save big on: running server-based applications, expensive system software, server, IT support and energy.

Speed of operation

We guarantee smooth and fast operation of the Internet and all applications within the platform.

No financial investment

Pay as you use and cancel as agreed with us.


Operation in accordance with EU standards.

Security & data archiving

Data security and backup are systematically taken care of according to the highest standards. PCI DSS security standard with guest credit card information management.

Mc sistemi hoteli PMS

Don't want to manage in the cloud? Manage on the server!

Most hotels today still use their own servers, although almost all new investments go in the direction of cloud technology, which is cheaper, faster and more efficient. Protel offers both solutions; cloud and on-premise (via a local server). Each hotelier can choose one or the other according to his needs. Contact us for help choosing the right solution!

Additional applications

Easier and more efficient communication with additional PMS applications

Protel PMS enables the use of applications for communication with guests (Protel Voyager and Protel Messenger) and efficient management of support services in the hotel (Protel Housekeeping).

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