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Increase the number of direct bookings

Hotels that cooperate with us achieve tangible and lasting results by directly selling their capacities. We work with hotels to create customized digital marketing strategies that drive potential guests to your website. In doing so, we swear by:

Website ranking

We achieve this with a well-prepared website that ranks highly in search engines (SEO) and targeted digital marketing. Our partner MyHotelShop is a specialized company that allows you to optimally invest in digital marketing.

Attractive website

Spletna stran mora vsebovati čim več kakovostnega slikovnega in video gradiva. Predlagamo, da vam spletno stran naredijo profesionalne ekipe, ki so specializirane prav za hotelirje. Naš partner PIKA. Digital je ekipa, ki obvlada to področje.

Quality Booking

Odličen booking engine omogoča gladek in tekoč vnos rezervacije in predstavitev vaše ponudbe v najboljši luči. Omogoča možnosti za dodatno prodajo (upsell) brez oviranja gladkega procesa vnosa rezervacije. Na voljo je novi protel Booking engine !

The role of social

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok have become popular tools for promoting your hotel. They are one of the hotel's ID cards, which is mandatory in modern times. Our partner PIKA.Digital can help you with this.

They help you to get better visibility online:

Booking engine

Channel management

Web page

Digital marketing

Mc sistemi hoteli PMS
Why own Booking engine

Increase profits through direct bookings

Direct capacity bookings on your website create Higher profit, because you sell directly (without OTA commissions or online booking providers).

Therefore, a high-quality, modern and user-friendly Booking engine (reservation system) is mandatory.

PROTEL enables you Using the best Booking engine tools on the market: NetAffinity, PHOBS, dEdge, Vertical Booking, Cultuzz, BookAssist. Contact us and we will help you find the right one for you.

Channel management

Create a smart distribution of your rooms online

Channel Manager distributes your room inventory to the Global Distribution System (GDS) and dozens of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) worldwide. It allows you to

  • control of price lists and room availability in real time from one location (no manual updates)
  • entering prices and availability into the channel management system or Protel PMS
  • forwarding data to all related booking portals
  • booking import and automatic update of room availability on all platforms
  • synchronization of the reservation with the PMS
  • greater global visibility
Mc sistemi hoteli PMS

A modern, responsive, user-friendly website

Modern guests look for the location and your accommodation online. That's why it's important that your website is visible, well optimized for search engines (SEO), user-friendly (allows them to move intuitively around the page and easy access to all information) and responsive.

We recommend the digital agency PIKA.Digital, that helps you create a website that will stand out.

Digital marketing

Increase direct bookings and reduce OTA fees

With our extensive experience and partners that work closely with Google, TripAdvisor and Trivag, your website will rank high in hotel service search engines.

Cost reduction

Effectively reducing distribution costs.


Become OTA independent.

Custom help

We help with online marketing activities.

Mc sistemi hoteli PMS