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Digital guest assistant

The guest's experience with your hotel begins even before his arrival. The Straiv app is designed for guests to contact you, check in, check out and sign in at any time in the simplest way. Communication takes place on the guest's phone, no app download required.

Read more about the application on the official website.

No waiting times

By eliminating waiting at the reception desk, ensure that your guests are more satisfied.

More time for guests

More time for personal care of guests due to the relief of hotel staff.

Fewer mistakes

Due to the automatic transfer of data through our interfaces, the possibility of errors is reduced.

Flexible check-in time

Check-in is not tied to the reception's working hours, so the guest can be more relaxed in case of late arrival.

No app download

Guests do not need to download the app to use.

Digital processes

In the registration process, it is possible to digitally process both the payment, door opening and the digital registration form with a signature.

The Straiv app allows you to:

Digital check-in & check-out

Digital hotel concierge

Messaging system

Mc sistemi hoteli PMS
Digital check-in & check-out

Contactless check-in/out via phone

The guest enters the login information in advance, views the account and checks out himself.

Check-in & check-out on the guest's phone, on the tablet at the reception or at the check-in kiosk at the reception.

Contactless and 100% safe (hygienic) service.

Automated process, easy for the guest.


Digital hotel concierge

Without using an app or a tablet, the guest can access all important information about the hotel and services. This contactless experience is nevertheless pleasant for the guest, as it allows for personalization of the information display.

  • Personalized display of information.
  • Personalization of displayed information increases sales (upsell).
  • Automation of time-consuming administrative operations.
Mc sistemi hoteli PMS
Mc sistemi hoteli PMS
Messaging system

Hotel guest messaging system

With Straivo, guests stay in touch with all departments of the hotel, and the hotel stays in touch with guests. Create and automatically or manually send personalized e-mails and SMS messages.

The right message

Send the guest the right message at the right time automatically.

Timely notice

The guest is informed in a timely manner about the reservation and all changes at any time.

All communication channels

Reach the guest on essential communication channels such as e-mail, SMS and WhatsApp.